Primary Care

We take a whole food, plant-based medicine philosophy that recognizes the importance of early detection, lifestyle and gut-bacteria management. 

Our holistic approach focuses on primary care services that are more than just referrals and pills. We work with patients to adopt individualized sustainable lifestyle changes that include some degree of whole food plant based nutrition.

Whole Person Primary Care Approach

We believe lifestyle modification and early detection can prevent long term complications with one’s health. Many say “I don’t want to be on pills”, but are unwilling to put the work in to prevent declining health and the need for modern medicine interventions.  We will work with you on an individual basis to reduce the need for or dependence on prescription drugs, where appropriate. Our focus is to create a plan with an emphasis on whole, unprocessed foods with a degree of plant based nutrition. The goal is to create sustainable changes in order to improve patient outcomes. Most insurances are accepted and reasonable uninsured prices. We provide affordable office visits and lab services for uninsured.